Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fancy Paper and Iris-folding

Iris-folding is a technique that began in the Netherlands.  It originally employed the inside (the patterned side) of security envelopes (those envelopes that come with your utility and credit card bills to securely hide the contents of the envelope).  The art form uses a die-cut aperture and by folding the patterned paper on the backside, the aperture is filled in.  The "fill-in" is in a radiating fashion that resembles the iris of a camera lens, and thus, the name.  Can you see the radiating pattern in the body of this horse?

Today this lovely craft has evolved into using fancy papers (Origami and Washi papers) and foils.  A favorite is florist foil that is used to wrap around a plant from the florist. The florist foils come in brilliant colors and patterns and reflect the light beautifully.  We also use colorful gift wrap and anything else we find lying around.

This Seashell is not Iris-folded because there is no radiating pattern, but it is paper-folded and quite lovely all by itself, don't you think?

These are somewhat monotonous to do because there is but one technique employed (folding paper and applying it according to a pattern).  But the end result is spectacular and recipients are always delighted and impressed.

I still prefer rubber stamping, using hot and dry embossing and the many other techniques we can do - all are always challenging and intriguing to me.

Thanks for looking!

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